It’s so rewarding to do work with real impact on a global scale!

Emma is a Project Manager at Spiral who oversees software development used in clinical trials. She wears a variety of hats, and keeps up to date with the latest tech gadgets. She’s also used to working at quite a clip, after working in fast-paced large enterprise Saas companies in the US and NZ.

Anna Williams, Office Manager
Emma Winks, Project Manager

I love being involved in a project from start to finish, touching so many areas: From working with the customer discovering and analysing requirements, wireframing, managing development sprints, testing, delivery and support…making tech a beautiful ‘Agile’ experience.

Emma works with lots of moving parts with a laser-beam focus. Her background spans veterinary nursing, AI, recruitment technology and IT service delivery. She’s passionate about bringing clarity to complex projects using Agile methodology.

In the Star Trek Universe Emma would be Michael Burnham, embodying “empathy, empowering proactive problem-solving and an unwavering commitment to achieving successful outcomes”.

More about Emma

Normally a frequent traveler to her favourite hot weather destination, Thailand, Emma’s now exploring the great outdoors in New Zealand, hiking, gardening and painting. An animal lover (of all creatures great and small), she admits to having a soft spot for dogs in particular.

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