it’s all fun and games until someone divides by zero

Craig is a database specialist and .NET developer with a strong customer service work ethic. He enjoys the challenge of implementing software solutions that present data in the language of our customers – your language, your way.

Craig Boyd, Data Visualisation Specialist
Craig Boyd, Data Visualisation Specialist

I enjoy the challenge of designing and implementing software solutions that solve everyday business problems and get a kick out of knowing that people are using software written by me, every day, to do their jobs.

Craig is heavily into looking at your data in new and interesting ways (data mining).  He likes to make sure the software solution matches the actual real world process thus making it easy for you to use.

Craig is our warm blooded version of Commander Data from the Star Trek Universe.

More about Craig

Craig is always interested in trying out new gadgets, often under the guise that “I have to try it out so I can answer questions about it from my customers” but most people see through that.

He also loves coffee…. a lot.

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