figure out what needs to be done, and do it

Cain is the creative mind behind Spinnaker and our computer programs. His coding, development and insight enable people to do specific tasks on a computer in an easy-to-use, pragmatic manner.  He is analytical, adaptable and likes being challenged.

Cain Harland, Technical Lead
Cain Harland, Technical Lead

What I enjoy most about programming is the problem-solving and creative nature of the work.

 Cain is capable of handling anything we throw at him.

On the Star Ship Enterprise he is Scotty, First Engineer,  looking after the warp core that powers the ship.

More about Cain

Cain knows more about dung fungus than you will ever want to know – he has a BSc in biology and a design diploma from NatColl.
In his spare time Cain practises Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, a specialised form with an emphasis on ground fighting. He is an active participant in the sport, competing in national and international events.

He also bakes, makes home brew, makes cheese and is handy on the barbecue.

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