imagine if we could do clinical trials faster, better and cheaper – I do

Audreys experience in business solutions, her ownership abilities and startup experience means she is skilled at finding practical solutions and she values personal relationships. Her natural approach is in the problem-solving space, working with clients – listening to the roadblocks they encounter in their daily work and working to remove them.

Audrey Shearer, Founder and CEO
Audrey Shearer, Founder/CEO

Im in business to serve others, to be part of something bigger than myself. I love supporting the clinicians we work with, using our software to help them research new treatments for patients.

Audrey was building software systems in the 1980’s, started using the internet in 1993 and built her first online software in 1998 – the web has become part of her DNA!  Audreys long association with computing enables her to see past the technology and to use software and computers as a tool. A tool she wields to help clients improve the way they work and to grow their business.

 Audrey researches and experiments with new technologies, to make sure we are bringing the best solutions to the table for our clients.

In the Star Trek Universe she would be Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the USS Voyager.

More about Audrey

The fastest Audrey has been clocked at on her motorbike is 208kph on the back straight at Manfeild. Apart from riding her motorbike, Audrey keeps bees, likes to walk the dog, read, knit, sew and garden.

She is active in the Rotary and beekeeping communities and has a passion for our native birds.

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