Many thanks to our customers for all your support and feedback this year. Your projects are the reason we come to work each day!

Thanks also to our splendiferous suppliers who we depend on to do what we do. You are truly ka rawe!

Spinnaker highlights …

Spinnaker was used to randomise over 2,773 patients.  There have been changes to Spinnaker thanks to customer feedback and lots of Spinnaker-socks have been sent to those providing feedback. Along the way we have…

  • added dynamically generated forms
  • launched our Response Adaptive Randomisation (RAR) module (33 patients randomised to date)
  • added configurable site options that mean the Spinnaker RAR is GDPR compliant
  • made major improvements to the way inventory and study treatment are managed by Spinnaker
  • and randomised our first USA patient in Spinnaker

We listened, learned and worked tirelessly to deliver the software you need to succeed with your projects

The projects we work on tend to be a bit different, not your off-the-shelf variety, which keeps our life challenging and interesting – we love this aspect of what we do. We find it increases our depth of knowledge and our capacity to support you in your work. Here are some of the highlights and learning of 2018 from the team at Spiral, we…

  • learned how good medical people are at making acronyms – way better than IT people!
  • delivered a version of Spinnaker that combined two trials under the same eCRF – a real cost saver for both teams
  • signed a Preferred Supplier Agreement with a major University in Australia, making it easier for their research teams to work with us
  • beefed up our security to bring our work practices and servers in line with the Australian Privacy Legislation
  • began the journey of aligning ourselves with ISO27001
  • extended our customer base in Australia
  • helped Wellington Free Ambulance

Cain and I went to the Winter Research Forum in Sydney where we got to talk to so many of you – even from as far afield as Sweden! The feedback we received was amazing. We especially loved hearing about the little things that we could change to make Spinnaker better – and we did! We also loved hearing how your research is going … so much that we will be back at the WRF in Queenstown 2019!

More …

Our charity support goes to a few places and the biggest recipient is Wellington Free Ambulance. Spiral is one of the “Support Crew” sponsors for this charity that touches so many of us. Please remember them over the holiday period.

Getting in touch over the holidays … see our holiday contact page

Enjoy this time with your friends and loved ones.

From us all here at Spiral we wish you a safe and happy holiday period,
Nga kirihimete,
god Jul, Merry Christmas