After the game-changing results of the TARGET Trial, recently published in the NEMJ, comes the TARGET Protein Feasibility Study. And we are delighted to announce we will once again be supplying our Spinnaker Platform for data collection, randomisation and inventory management.

You might ask how a feasibility study was able to afford the Spinnaker Platform. We pride ourselves on being innovative and looking after our loyal customers, and this project ticks both those boxes. Because the TARGET Protein Study is so closely aligned in its design to TARGET Nutrition we have been able to copy the platform and the database structure for the foundation of this new cost-effective project. Like TARGET this sister study will make use of our inventory management module which helps Project Managers track study treatment from the warehouse to the bedside providing clear directions on which blinded treatment to use at randomisation and patient resupply.

This new study, sponsored by the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia, will expand our customer base across 4 Australian States in addition to New Zealand and Sweden.

Welcome RAH good to have you onboard!