Project Manager – TTM2-TAME Project

We need a project manager for a new clinical trial project that we have just started working on. The trial will be enrolling patients in the ICU who have presented with a cardiac arrest. Our software will be supplying the randomisation for each patient enrolled, providing a database for recording patient data and providing summary information to help the study manager.

Your primary role is to sail the project to a successful delivery, with a happy client and everyone still onboard.

Some of the tasks associated with this role

  • Manage the project flow and progress from project setup to final delivery
  • Assist with communication between developers and client
  • Liaise between clients and developers by phone and email
  • Update clients on the status of the project
  • Manage tasks in Zendesk and assist developers with priorities.
  • Use Spinnaker for testing the project deliverables
  • Support study project managers with
    • how to do things
    • setting user permissions
    • training
  • Check the “Unassigned tickets” in Zendesk every day, investigate issues, add more information if needed and assign to one of our team
  • Test periodic changes and fixes to our software on other projects
  • Do system testing on projects
  • Assist on the help desk with managing change requests across all projects
  • Learn to understand Spinnaker at the same level that a study project manager does (or better) so you can provide support for our primary clients

Skills and attributes you will need

You need experience managing projects in any discipline, not necessarily IT or health projects. We are looking for a person with experience managing projects in the real world.  Someone who will pick up the phone to get things done, not reshuffle a gantt chart. BTW we don’t use gantt charts!

You must enjoy helping people

You do not need a background in healthcare. There is a lot of jargon related to the projects we work on, if you do not have a healthcare background there will be a brief test to determine how quickly you can pick up clinical terminology.

You must enjoy working with spreadsheets, either Excel or Numbers (doesn’t matter which). You will not be required to write macros.  You need to understand how and why styles are used in Word and Excel. You will be collaborating with others and need to maintain or setup styles for documents using the Spiral brand guidelines.

You will need some software skills and you need to be really comfortable using many different kinds of software. If you can happily use new software you will fit right in with our team

These are the software apps we use on a daily basis. You do not need to know how to use them but you need to be confident you will quickly gain the skills to use them. We use:

  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • Skype
  • Bugherd
  • daPulse
  • Highrise

About the TTM2-TAME Project

TTM2 will investigate whether hypothermia to 33°C is better than just keeping patients at normal temperatures after a cardiac arrest. TAME will look at whether hypercapnia is better than normal carbon dioxide levels after a cardiac arrest. Patients who have presented to hospital after a cardiac arrest will be eligible for enrolment in these trials.

The Research Project Manager/Chief Investigator for TAME is based in Melbourne, his counterpart for TTM2 is based in Lund, Sweden. Both trials will be  conducted worldwide, including New Zealand.

If this sounds like you –
email Audrey