Our advantage …

You are going to be looking at many software options to find the best one that suits your particular study, so here are some attributes that set us apart from other trial software that will help you make the right decision…


Clinical studies are traditionally about randomising patients using predetermined software. Today researchers are finding novel ways to conduct studies and need software that’s flexible enough to keep up with them. Spinnaker’s adaptability means we are able to deliver software, not just for traditionally designed clinical studies, but also for studies embracing the new novel design methods. Spinnaker is the most adaptable study management software produced in Australasia.

  • Response adaptive randomisation module available
  • Adapted to suit your particular study
  • Regional/country specific adaptations take place dynamically within the software


Spinnaker’s versatile structure means we can integrate all the components needed for your project into one seamless software/database solution.

  • Spinnaker integrates randomisation, drug inventory management and eCRF
  • No investment in hardware or infrastructure. All you need is a computer with a browser.
  • Spinnaker’s database can interface with other databases using secure, industry standard protocols


We re-imagined clinical trial software to create a system that’s flexible, adaptable and quick to deliver. That’s backed up by a team that bend over backwards to accommodate what you need for your project. Now that’s agile!

  • Spinnaker is tailored to the particular needs of your project by our team in New Zealand
  • Minor changes to the project are dealt with promptly and usually at no additional cost
  • We have the ability to design reporting functions anytime during the lifetime of the project


Our experience building software in a variety of disciplines means we bring a keenness of vision to the software and database needs of each trial we work on. Our insight comes from our experience, our traditional training and our knowledge of behaviour.

  • Major research sites across Australia and New Zealand are already familiar with Spinnaker
  • We have systems to get your data points defined and your database accurate
  • We have experience with both traditional and novel design trials


Physical separation has challenged New Zealanders to invent new ideas, new methods and new products. This separation gives us the space to think differently and we use it to our advantage. Spinnaker has been influenced by this culture of inventiveness. We re-imagined clinical trial software to create a system that’s flexible, adaptable and quick to deliver.

  • The interface is user-friendly and responds quickly
  • We have an integrated system for treatment issue and re-supply
  • Spinnaker provides real time reporting on events and trial status


Spinnaker is built in New Zealand and hosted in Australia. Your data is nanoseconds away and our team just a short plane ride away. We believe great work comes from great relationships. That’s why we value strong work connections just as much as the bonds we hold dear between our friends and family.

  • We consider ourselves part of your team and act accordingly
  • We adhere to the philosophy of kaitiaki (guardianship) in all our work
  • Spinnaker keeps your team accountable with its comprehensive audit trail and change log

Imagine if we could do clinical trials faster, better and cheaper!

We do!