Two smart, focussed project managers have joined Spiral recently. It’s very nice to have extra hands on deck to help deliver our Covid-19 projects.

Meet Jess and Emma our Project Managers for REMAP-CAP and for ASCOT-ADAPT. Both have come from running IT projects elsewhere and are very familiar with the Agile Methodology we use here at Spiral.

Jess and Emma are each responsible for the project management and overall delivery of our research facing projects. They not only engage with our clients but are the glue that pull the team at Spiral together along the path of delivery.

We believe in being adaptable, its part of how we successfully deliver projects, its why our software platform is so effective for novel trials and we bring that adaptability into how we operate as a team.  Having two new people join a small team really forces change and the whole team at Spiral have happily adapted to a slightly modified way of working.  We have also improved how we support our clients  via the virtual tools integrated into our platform and with the real-people support we provide behind that. If you are sending us feedback or questions then chances are you have already met Jess or Emma.

Thanks for joining us Jess and Emma, we love having you onboard!

Audrey, Jess & Emma

Audrey, Jess & Emma