Discovery is a cloud hosted, software platform that supports medical researchers to assess eligibility and randomise patients participating in a clinical trial.   

Discovery is a turn-key solution for pilot studies and small-ish trials (up to 1,000 patients) where you need a quickly installed platform thats dependable, will randomise across multiple sites and lets you extract your data easily.

 Working together on your Discovery Project

Changes to your project

Unlike Spinnaker which is a bespoke, tailored platform for novel trials, classic double-blinded trials; Discovery is a turn-key solution. This necessitates some constraints around what can be changed or added for your project.

These changes are included:

  • Changes to the wording of your questions
  • Adding or removing inclusion and exclusion criteria

These we will charge you for:

  • Adding a form
  • Adding questions (except inclusion and exclusion criteria)
  • Adding another report or extract
  • Any database migration
  • Any changes that necessitate an alternative architecture for the platform

We will tell you if anything you request falls into the later category.

Support services

Spiral will provide the following support services and facilities for your Discovery project:

  • Access to Spiral online ticketing system for reporting and tracking issues
  • Project management for this project including progress reports and training of your management team

Support includes the software licence, the database licence, SSL certificate, physical infrastructure, daily offsite backups, disaster recovery, all issues and bugs fixed quickly, most changes and 24 hour tech support. 

Support does not cover hospitals in Canada or the United States joining the study.  If you wish to add a site in Canada or the USA please contact us for a price to add this.

Your responsibilities

The Study Project Manager will provide the following as required and in a timely manner:

  • Data description information using the Spiral template
  • Copies of any paper forms both initially and each time a new version is published
  • Updates to the Study protocol if they affect the Discovery platform

You are responsible for testing that the platform does what you want it to do. Read more on acceptance testing »

The Discovery platform is hosted on our dedicated cloud server in Sydney and accessed anywhere in the world through the internet and used via a browser. There is no software to install.

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