So many fabulous photos and witty captions from an interesting Winter Research Forum. Thanks everyone for your tweets and hashtags. The results are:

  1. Paul Young, @DogICUma  for “Spiral, it must be a sign’
  2. Diane Mackle, @DianeMackle   for “Researchers walk on water”
  3. Samantha Bates, @saminnz  for “Great to get pier review at the Winter CTG meeting”


  • Lee-anne Chapple, @LSChapple  for “ANZICS CTG winter forum. Taking the bull by the horns in more ways than one”
  • Rima, @SongRima  for “Everything is TARGETed at this winter CTG, feed, fluid, even the Oxygen we breath”

… and just some of the other photos considered. To see them all go to Twitter … #ctgwrf2018    #spinnakersoftware