Email hosting no longer supported

From the 1st of October this year we will no longer support email hosting.  We will continue to provide email forwarding services on domains managed by us. If you have email hosted with us, and it's working the way you want, then you can leave it and our server will continue to store you email [...]

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Last week our team got together at an old lodge in Petone

At Spiral, the team that bring you Spinnaker, we all work remotely. Since we don’t get to see each other very often we have meet-ups roughly twice a year. When you don’t have face to face time with your colleagues every day, seeing each other is special and fun. Last week our team got together [...]

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Winner of ANZICS NZ 2017 Twitter Competition

I was delighted to attend and sponsor the gala dinner at the ANZICS NZ 2017 Regional Meeting last week. It was great to catch up with the people that we know and to see so many ICU staff from across NZ along with a few special guests from Australia. The meeting was organised by Wellington Hospital ICU, in particular [...]

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Introducing the PLUS Study

The George Institute of Global Health, Sydney, is our newest client and the coordinating centre for the PLUS Study.  PLUS kicked off in February and will begin taking enrolments in July. Another fluid resuscitation study for us, the PLUS Study is a multi-centre, blinded, RCT. PLUS tests the hypothesis that: "in a heterogeneous population of critically [...]

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Working smarter with online software

Spiral is a distributed company ...we are the ones that bring you Spinnaker! Distributed means our team work from homes and offices across New Zealand. Its a great way to work, it enables us to be focused, work smartly and avoid earthquake issues! We rely heavily on great communication and technology and I thought you [...]

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Thanks for being on-board

Thanks for being on board and for your support this year. We have more projects open and trials taking enrolments than any other year and we couldn’t do that without your support.  What a year! Supporting your research is why we come to work each day. Here are some of the highlights in our year: [...]

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Self-learning trial to use Spinnaker software

I am excited to announce Spiral have joined the team working on the first response adaptive platform trial to be based in Australia and New Zealand(REMAP-CAP).  The self-learning design for this clinical trial is an exciting new methodology that significantly reduces the time and number of patients needed to test treatments while increasing safety for trial participants. [...]

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Paracetamol wins Wellington researchers $20,000 prize

Congratulations to Dr Paul Young for winning the Medicines New Zealand’s 2016 Value of Medicines Award for his work on the HEAT Trial. Media release as follows............ Monday, 10 October 2016, 9:48 am Press Release: Medicines New Zealand Paracetamol wins Wellington researchers $20,000 prize Dr Paul Young will be presented with Medicines New Zealand’s 2016 [...]

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