2020 Recap and Merry Xmas

2020 was a year of challenges, to say the least Covid-19 brought immense challenges to everyone in 2020, and it brought us our greatest challenge ever: adapting our Spinnaker platform to manage the world’s most complex clinical trial – a trial that tackled Covid-19 head-on. A recap of REMAP-CAP: the clinical trial fighting Covid-19 As [...]

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Updates on studies using Spinnaker Dec 2020

 ASCOT ADAPT opened for enrolments in India this week. The trial will generate clinical evidence about treatment for COVID-19 that can be applied during the pandemic, to reduce mortality or the need for mechanical ventilation in hospitalised but not yet critically ill patients with COVID-19. Mega-ROX began enrolling patients in May and has over 500 patients enrolled [...]

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Coronavirus and how we play the adaptation game

We are busy adapting one of our biggest projects to collect data and eventually provide feedback on the best treatment for the novel coronavirus outbreak COVID-19. Coronavirus mutated (or adapted) recently to give us SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease. Adaptation is a great skill for a virus - it's a pretty keen skill for people [...]

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4 years on with CAMERA

Earlier this month I was in Melbourne when the results of the CAMERA2 Trial were shared with the Investigators and collaborators on the project. This was one of our early projects and, 4 years on from implementation, it’s been interesting to see how Spinnaker stands the test of time. Many of the core components of [...]

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ICU-ROX 1,000 patients enrolled

ICU-ROX has reached it's target of 1,000 patients enrolled which means congratulations, not just to Paul Young and Di Mackle, who lead the teams but to each and every person involved. From the patients, to the clinicians, to the research coordinators to the project management team - it's a pleasure to work with people, like you, who [...]

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TARGET 4000 Enrolment completed this week! What a phenomenal achievement from everyone involved in TARGET. Congratulations to you all because in just 18 months 46 intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand enrolled 4,000 patients. That's an average of 7.5 patients a day!   The busiest day was the 4th of August [...]

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Congratulations TARGET

Congratulations to all the team on TARGET which opened for enrolments last week and has already enrolled 23 patients across Australia and New Zealand. It’s a privilege working with so many dedicated people. The offline conditions and hold ups on this trial challenged us all but we got there in the end, on budget and [...]

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Case study: CAMERA2: A novel way of treating MRSA

I’d like to recognise the work done by the CAMERA team in getting the CAMERA Trial off the ground and flying. It's 6 months since the study started taking enrolments. Recruitment is on target, hospitals in Singapore and Israel have recently joined the multiple sites across Australia. The CAMERA Trial - Combination Antibiotic therapy for [...]

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