User Acceptance Testing

We want to be clear and transparent with you so here’s some of the paperwork around testing, standards we comply with and how to undertake acceptance testing. Standards and testing » Attribution: Nhan Ngo / CC BY-SA (  

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Reflecting on Project Testing

It seems the last few months have been an endless round of testing. Our Spinnaker Platform has gone through multiple iterations as we adapted it for each Covid-19 Study that joined REMAP-CAP. To be honest it's been a testing year of software testing! Testing takes patience and attention to detail. It's time consuming and when it [...]

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Security on Spinnaker

Spinnaker provides registered users with access to data they are genuinely entitled to see but if a user password is compromised, or there is a server data breach, there may be an opportunity for a member of the public to read private patient data. Our aim is to keep your data secure, protect your patients [...]

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We layered up our Firewall in the fight against cyber hacking

Firewall diagram There has been a firewall protecting our clinical trial servers (and your data) ever since we put our first project in “the cloud” in 2013. In the past 5 years we have had no incidents but in our striving for excellence we have gone one step further and added another layer [...]

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