“the squeaky wheel is obvious – it’s the quiet ones you need to keep an eye on”

Bryn has a background in neuroscientific research, with a long history of experience in customer relations. His enthusiasm for finding clean solutions to difficult problems makes him well suited to project management.

Bryn Gilbertson, Project Manager
Bryn Gilbertson, Project Manager

The only silly question is the question you don’t ask. Delivering a great project is partly about finding out what people are uncertain about, and addressing those quiet problems early.

Bryn is all about ensuring clients are well equipped by effectively adapting and delivering Spiral’s software to them. As someone with a laboratory research background, he is quick to learn about the fascinating research of our clients and a step ahead in understanding their needs.

More about Bryn

Bryn has held more brains in his hands than most B-grade film zombies have: he has a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Otago. In his spare time, he practices Kung Fu and has won three gold medals for tournament fighting. He also enjoys baking and walking his small dog Bentley.

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