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Owner/founder of Spiral, a software development company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Beekeeper, gardener, motorcyclist, vegetarian, I abhor cruelty to animals.

Welcome to our newest study TARGET Protein

After the game-changing results of the TARGET Trial, recently published in the NEMJ, comes the TARGET Protein Feasibility Study. And we are delighted to announce we will once again be supplying our Spinnaker Platform for data collection, randomisation and inventory management. You might ask how a feasibility study was able to afford the Spinnaker Platform. We [...]

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ANZICS Winter Forum from a Lead Developer’s perspective

Lead Developer, Cain Harland, joined Spiral many years ago and has been part of every web-based development the company has ever undertaken. In 2011, Spiral founded Spinnaker Software and that same year Cain took part in his first clinical trial project, The Heat Trial. He has continued as lead developer for all Spinnaker trials since. [...]

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Results of the ANZICS Winter Research Forum Spiral iPad competition

So many fabulous photos and witty captions from an interesting Winter Research Forum. Thanks everyone for your tweets and hashtags. The results are: Paul Young, @DogICUma  for "Spiral, it must be a sign' Diane Mackle, @DianeMackle   for "Researchers walk on water" Samantha Bates, @saminnz  for "Great to get pier review at the Winter CTG meeting" Mentions: Lee-anne Chapple, @LSChapple  [...]

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Win an iPad at the ANZICS Sydney Winter Research Forum

ANZICS 2018 Winter Research Forum Spiral is running the ANZICS Winter Forum iPad competition again! The prize of a brand new, 32Gb iPad which will be presented on Tuesday the 28th of August immediately prior to the close of the conference. This is the NEW iPad that supports Apple Pencil! Here's what we [...]

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ICU-ROX 1,000 patients enrolled

ICU-ROX has reached it's target of 1,000 patients enrolled which means congratulations, not just to Paul Young and Di Mackle, who lead the teams but to each and every person involved. From the patients, to the clinicians, to the research coordinators to the project management team - it's a pleasure to work with people, like you, who [...]

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Reflecting on User Testing

It seems the last few weeks have been an endless round of user testing. REMAP-CAP and TTM2 and TAME - all three trials have been through user testing at the same time. To be honest it's been a testing month of user testing! User testing takes patience and attention to detail. It's time consuming and [...]

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What happens when you ask for a change to Spinnaker

Devops deployment So you have found something in your study that needs to change. Heres a small insight into what we do when you ask for a change. It could be that something in your CRF has changed, you have found a better way to do something or maybe something in Spinnaker [...]

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Past and Future choices

Have you made any New Year resolutions? It’s that time of year when many of us wonder about the fresh new year where we get a chance to begin again, to set new goals and make new choices. Perhaps you looked back at 2017.  For us, 2017 was our biggest year yet with 11 trials [...]

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Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas to everyone using Spinnaker.    During the year you randomised patients, published results and initiated new research. 2017 is our biggest year yet with 11 trials on our books. 2017 highlights include: over 5,200 patients were randomised this year using Spinnaker TARGET(Monash) and NovelSTART(MRINZ) completed enrolments  Bryn Gilbertson joined the team to manage [...]

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TARGET 4000 Enrolment completed this week! What a phenomenal achievement from everyone involved in TARGET. Congratulations to you all because in just 18 months 46 intensive care units in Australia and New Zealand enrolled 4,000 patients. That's an average of 7.5 patients a day!   The busiest day was the 4th of August [...]

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