We believe in working smarter, not longer. Being adaptable, not rigid. And in keeping it simple.

By thinking differently and looking at everything from all angles we are able to forge software that’s flexible, easy to use and grows with our clients projects.

our team

Audrey Shearer


Jess Wren

Project Manager

Emma Winks

Project Manager

Cain Harland

Technical Lead

Craig Boyd

Data Visualisation Specialist

Anna Williams

Office Manager


Team Leader – Morale

Everything we do is focussed on improving the way people work. It’s about working smarter not longer. Being adaptable, not rigid. And in keeping things simple. We do this in the health sector with our user-friendly study management software and services. Our clinical research platform is adaptable and ideal suited to novel trials designs.

We are small enough to act quickly when you need us to and we partner with other companies or individuals to bring you the best solution for your organisation.

Spiral is a 100% distributed company with team members spread across New Zealand, including the Chatham Islands, Rekohu. We work smarter and keep things flexible around work and family.

We are programmers, writers, bikers, walkers, trampers, climbers, beekeepers, readers, tinkerers, musicians, knitters, gardeners, travellers, parents, volunteers and workers.
At the core of our being we are problem solvers!

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