2020 Recap and Merry Xmas

2020 was a year of challenges, to say the least Covid-19 brought immense challenges to everyone in 2020, and it brought us our greatest challenge ever: adapting our Spinnaker platform to manage the world’s most complex clinical trial – a trial that tackled Covid-19 head-on. A recap of REMAP-CAP: the clinical trial fighting Covid-19 As [...]

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Updates on studies using Spinnaker Dec 2020

 ASCOT ADAPT opened for enrolments in India this week. The trial will generate clinical evidence about treatment for COVID-19 that can be applied during the pandemic, to reduce mortality or the need for mechanical ventilation in hospitalised but not yet critically ill patients with COVID-19. Mega-ROX began enrolling patients in May and has over 500 patients enrolled [...]

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