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Audreys experience in business solutions, her ownership abilities and startup experience means she is skilled at finding practical solutions and she values personal relationships. Her natural approach is in the problem solving space, working with clients … listening to the roadblocks they encounter in their daily work and working to remove them.

Maureen Hines, Financial Controller
Maureen Hines, Financial Controller

I enjoy trying to make sense of the unordered world around me

A practical, no-nonsense approach to getting the facts right and making sure everything is straight means Maureen is perfectly suited to looking after Spirals company information and particularly the financial accounts. She comes from a technical background in computing so when we changed our accounting system to Xero, Maureen whizzed through the setup and changeover, with no pain to the rest of the team – Go Maureen!

Maureens attention to detail is legendary.  She is reliable, meticulous and a perfectionist in her work but very forgiving of the rest of us.


More about Maureen

Out of the office Maureen likes reading, walking, travelling, learning new stuff and solving cryptic crosswords.

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